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Rieko Osu Lab. cognitive neuroscience,

School of Human Science, Waseda Univ. JAPAN

早稲田大学人間科学学術院 大須理英子研究室(認知神経科学)


Reserch Theme

Reserch Theme

Motor control and learning

Internal model and switching

How to actively relax our body

Improving sports performance by modulating the brain



Facilitating the use of affected hand

Measuring motivation for rehabilitation


Interaction of body and brain

Inter-brain synchronization during interaction


Developmental disorders / Psychiatric disorders

implicit/explicit recognition of social skills

neurofeedback for attention control

Autism Research Project at Waseda University​

Autism Research Projects at Waseda University

The Osu Laboratory (Faculty of Human Sciences) and Okamoto Laboratory (Waseda Institutes of Advanced Study) at Waseda University have launched a research project on the autism spectrum disorders in 2020.



  • EEG(Biosemi Active2 / Cognionics Quick30 / OpenBCI)

  • Eye-Tracker(Pupil labs)

  • VR goggles(Oculus / VIVE with pupil labs)

  • EMG, Accelerometer(Delsys Trigno)

  • HR, Respiration, GSR (Cognionics GEN2)

  • NIRS(NeU HOT2000 / NIRx NIRSport2 / HITACHI ETG-4000P)

  • Magnetic Motion Tracker(POLHEMUS FASTRAK)

  • tDCS(NeuroConn DC stimulator)

  • TMS(Magstim 200)

  • electrostimulator(日本光電 SEN)

  • GPU computer(G-tune)

(c) Osu lab, Waseda University, 2020

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